Alinel Helps Build a Circular Construction World

Circular Aluminium

Did you know that our facade profiles consist of 80% circular aluminium, or in other words: recycled aluminium? And that our goal is to increase that percentage, in collaboration with our supplier E-MAX?

To contribute to circular construction, we try to achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions. Working with recycled aluminium makes a big difference in that respect. Consequently, thinking circularly is increasingly becoming the norm, not the exception.

Is Circular Aluminium More Expensive?

A major misconception is that sustainability always comes with a higher price tag. This is certainly not the case with sustainable aluminium. We are able to match the price of common aluminium.

By integrating sustainability into our mission, we strive to do our part to create a circular economy. We need less and less common aluminium. And we can guarantee that the quality of our aluminium also matches that of the common type.