His accent architecture offers architects as well as commercial and private builders the possibilities to personalize any building. Subtle, sleek, and timeless. And he was the first to offer this commercially.

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Our products

Thanks to the clever tooth-hook links, the aluminium profiles adapt to any width.

Type a

Sometimes called “The Original”. This was our first series and to this day has remained our best-seller. Size of block corrugation 30×20 mm.

Profiel Aluminium gevelbekleding Alinel type A - 01

Type b

Developed in response to market demand and becoming ever more popular. More pronounced block corrugation of 40x25mm and wider intermediate sections of 50mm.
Profiel Aluminium gevelbekleding Alinel type B - 01

Type c

If regularity is NOT your thing! Then this series, with its irregular character, will definitely appeal to you. With combinations of block corrugations: 30×20 mm / 40×40 mm / 60×30 mm / 80×30 mm.
Profiel Aluminium gevelbekleding Alinel type C - 01

Type d

Fins that exude a timeless elegance and refined look. The perfect choice for anyone aiming for an exclusive look. U-shape of 30x25mm.
Profiel Aluminium gevelbekleding Alinel type D - 01

Type e

Our newest series. Similar depth as Type A – these can be combined to form a board wall – with varying and different widths: 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 – 150mm. see profile
Profiel Aluminium gevelbekleding Alinel type E - 01

Our accents

An eye for detail. It is inherent to being an architect, a construction professional or a builder.
And to ALINEL as the designer. Letterbox, power outlet, water tap, intercom, LED lighting, …
Each accessory with the familiar aesthetic and functional qualities.

Interested? Or do you have anything else in mind?