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ALINEL creates building solutions that overpass the sole application for which they were initially made. We strive for integrated solutions: unity of form without losing, but even improving its function.
ALINEL offers you the ability to create your own accents. Incorporating a garage door in the facade? Matching your mailbox, door and carport? Or turn an interior wall into a real eye-catcher? Let your imagination run wild. Thanks to the invisible fastening of our clever tooth-hook links, windows and any type of door integrate seamlessly into the whole. The result? Unity and uniqueness.

ALINEL emerged from an uninhibited drive to create and from a passion for aesthetics. I didn’t want to offer just any type of building material, I wanted to offer a visual rhythm to compose to scale.

100% modular

100% modular: in design and on site. His accent architecture offers architects as well as commercial and private builders the possibilities to personalize any building. Subtle, sleek and timeless.

the a-brand for the creative architect

Architects are dreamers. You don’t like to be inhibited by technical limitations. And we love that. ALINEL offers you a construction set for building your creative dreams. Away with standard options, get off the beaten path: think big!

100% custom made

1. Our technical department prepares a customised technical installation drawing. 2. Receive your materials fully custom-processed. Ready for installation. 3. Forget complex installation trainings: the patented ALINEL system allows for fast installation, without any additional work. Screwdriver(s) and screws are all that is needed.

easiest & fastest installation on the market

At ALINEL we always design with these three words in mind: keep it simple. Whatever surface there is to clad, our system is 100% user-friendly. What about installation? For a professional craftsman it is as easy as 1-2-3!

That means choosing quality materials, with respect for nature. Aluminium is light, strong and infinitely recyclable: a sustainable choice, which is more important than ever today. That is why we, as a top Belgian company, are proud of the 100% local production of our premium products.
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Building circularly?

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