Alinel – Accent architecture

Renowned designer and architect Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Alinel’s philosophy is completely in line with this idea. After all, Alinel originated from a passion for aesthetics. The desire to offer not just any building material, but a visual rhythm to compose to ones own taste. We call it accent architecture.

Do you like everything symmetrical, or do you like something a bit more pronounced, bold or exclusive? Thanks to our 5 standard systems, each with their own unique character, we can offer something for everyone. What’s more, with our latest addition, Alinel Type E, there is no limit to the creative possibilities. This series consists of profiles with different widths, which can also be combined with our Type A and Type C profiles. There’s no doubt that Alinel stands for leaving your own mark without limitations.

In addition, our accents give your project not only an aesthetic but also a functional added value. Do you want to integrate a garage door into your facade, seamlessly match the letterbox and front door or turn a boring wall into a real eye-catcher? Alinel can do it all. The secret lies in our patented tongue and groove joints, which ensure that the profiles can be fixed invisibly, and windows, doors and gates can be integrated seamlessly.

Alinel, where design and function meet.