Type B Wood

Alinel Options Type B Oakmalt normal V2

Type B Wood adds the warm, natural aspect of wood to the ALINEL Type B profile. This effect is the result of a special finish, a surface-coating film.
The durability and low weight of aluminium combined with the natural look of wood: the best of both worlds

The Oak Malt and Oak Toffee versions of the innovative Type B Wood offer both the builder and the architect more aesthetic options for cladding facades, windows, doors, gates and fencing. Of course, we kept the large block-corrugation of the profile and the wide gaps that make Type B so popular. The same goes for the patented tongue and groove joints, which enable the fastest installation on the market and remain invisible. For technical information see the link below.
Alinel Options Type B Oakmalt normal V1


Case Studies of TYPE B WOOD

Discover the unlimited possibilities.
Take a look at case studies where Alinel Type B Wood was used.

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